Financing Projects

There has always been an interest that has been at the core of the American dream and that is owning a business.  The internet has opened up so many new avenues for having projects financed such as faster contact and action from the Small Business Administration to new micro loan formats.  IndieGogo and Kickstarter are two sites that are building projects through crowdsourced financing.  Kickstarter projects  have earned upwards of a billion dollars.  One project alone collected over three million dollars for a commercial project.

Will this new method of business financing take over and make conventional financing options obsolete?  No, but when used in unison, the two forces can make for a very strong foundation for companies.  Especially those companies that are entertainment driven or technology based.

New companies that are finding it difficult to get loans could find some success with crowdfunding financing, however it may take up to several months to really find supporters for the project.